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“When you educate one person you can change a life, when you educate many you can change the world”- Shai Reshef

I am pursuing Civil Engineering. I will more talk with respect to Engineering. This is relevant to all types of branches/Streams. We study technical subjects(different branches) for 4 years and at the time of placement, we want placements in coding, data analyst, non-tech, etc. More than 50% of any college go in the above fields. The only reason is the attraction towards a handsome package.

In our country, many students choose their dream job and without knowing the interest of selves, they work for it. As they are following an uninterested path, due to lack of motivation they fail. For example, many students prepare for IIT JEE, CAT, CIVIL SERVICES, etc. They do not know why they prepare for it and in the end they fail. They lose their originality.

One incident in my life also, my father said after college you have to be an IES officer. After knowing the salary and perks I had chosen the civil engineering branch because it has more no. of vacancies. I went for NDA SSBs and then get to know the reality. Reality is the things you got interested in, you observe it more than its perks and salary. In defense, I observe adventure, personality, weapons, etc.

I am going through the improvement I want to see in colleges(in the form of problem-solution).

PRACTICAL CLASSES: Information finishes as exam finishes, but skills alive. Colleges should more focus on practical classes. The benefit of practical classes are we get skills to do the real problem in the future. During practical classes teach the theory of the topic, students will relate the topic and understand easily for more time. For example,( more technical) water content of the soil is required to determine the dry density of soil. The dry density of soil gives the strength of soil needed to resist structure loads on the ground. This can be learned and understand easily for a long period through practical classes. 

INTEREST: Some people get a job and quit after some time as they do not get interested in it( check those who quit for what ). The college education system should provide career counseling and 1-day real experience of student’s choice job.

SUBJECTS BURDEN: Civil Engineering has many specializations (Structural engineering-deals with the structure of buildings, Transportation engineering-deals with functional design, plan, safety, etc. for any mode of transportation, and many more specialization).

I think there should be specialization in branches and students should opt for a maximum of 3 specialization throughout their engineering. When students will have less to study, they will study more focused and better knowledge. 

It will increase job vacancies in the country if on the basis of specialization. As students with specialization will go in those jobs they will perform good work. The government/company will have profit as their employee get good money from the client. For example, IES vacancies- Structural engineer, Project manager, etc. In civil services- IAS (health officer, education officer, etc). So, they can work more flexibly and effectively.

TRAINED TEACHER: In our country after qualifying exams, one can be a Teacher. This is a major problem of our country many teachers have knowledge but do not have teaching methodology. I think teaching should be application-oriented not marks oriented which will work in a student’s life later. Training to teachers how to teach students with the help of application/example.

MORAL VALUES: To prepare students to handle real-life problems in the upcoming future. Check this article to know more about the importance of moral values to students.

Comment: For feedback and suggestions that any improvement you want to see in my articles.


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