Good Writer Talks-Series 4

I have been writing blogs since April 10, 2020. I am getting good points from other writers to improve my writing skills. I have interviewed other writers to help me to improve. These points guide us. I am collecting all in the form of series so that it will be easy to get ideas on how to write efficiently.

ASKED: Hello, I am Anand from I have seen your articles and find them well-written, shareable, measurable, informative, and relevant. I want to ask you some questions. I want to know how to write good articles like yours. Below are some questions in the Interview form. If you will write the solutions to those I will be very happy and honored. I will also publish the same on my website (if you allow).
This will help other bloggers also how to be a good content writer. I will provide your website link, this will help you to get good readers and more followers.

No. of Followers-
Website Name-
Why you have started blogging?
What kind of topic do you write to prefer/ your specialty?

(For example, Tourism, Technology, Fashion, etc.)
How to write good content?
Any tips you want to share with other bloggers?

REPLY: Thank you, Anand, for reaching out to me. 

Name– Ruth Rosenfeld 
No. of Followers– 150+
Website Name– 
Why you have started blogging?   I blog because I write. It’s a way of sharing my thoughts and experiences, and an outlet for my writing. The blog format is particularly interesting and motivating; I appreciate having readers and engaging in dialogue about my work, as well as reading the writing of others. My current blog is a more modern version of an earlier blog I maintained for many years and includes some older stories as well as new material. 
What kind of topic do you write to prefer/ your specialty? (For example, Tourism, Technology, Fashion, etc.)  Nonfiction, memoir, often travel related but not always. I usually journal while I travel and have lots of travel stories to draw from. I lived abroad for eight years in three countries and wrote a book about my experiences that I am hoping to publish, and I have been to over fifty countries. I also write essays on various topics both from my view of current happenings out there in the world and my own experiences. As a photographer, I include photos that I carefully select to fit the piece. They are my own photos, not stock shares. 
How to write good content?  I feel it’s important to have a theme that you are presenting in each post, and, whether fiction or nonfiction, think about it as a story – a beginning, a middle, and an end. Get your thoughts down in a document first before posting. Take your time and edit your work. Spend some time to make your writing more interesting and expressive and organize your thoughts. I edit for several days and post weekly, and I’m often working a week or two in advance. Good content is based in good writing. And some elements of good writing are sharing personal experience, something that readers can relate to, and being honest and truthful.
Any tips you want to share with other bloggers? Write about what interests you and what you care about. Write a lot; you will improve with time and you will develop your own style. Don’t worry about the numbers and stats. Write from the heart and mind.    

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You can visit his latest blog on the link given below.

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